Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Elegant Way To Let Light Into Your Home

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French people have been always experts in a romance. They are also great when it comes to elegant and innovative design. This time they are offering a new seductive suggestion for your home decor.

The squishy light spheres that bring a romantic look to your home decoration are a creative idea, made by the manufacturer Beau et Bien and the general design of Julien Bergignat. The sphere is created as a waterproof lamp with a guaranteed life time of about 40,000 hours.

The unusual illumination is another classy decision for more sensual ambience and offers stylish design. The spheres are with a diameter of 30 cm and are made with silicon and polyethylene.

They are equipped with a rechargeable battery and a simple charger that comes with the product. The good news is you can use this light spheres in your pool or in your bathroom.

They are perfect for situation that requires a special lighting and an unforgettable interior design.


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