Sunday, April 4, 2010

Essential Kitchen Appliances Ideas Inspiration

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Modern kitchen has come a long way since our grandmothers’ days. 1950s, the kitchen equipment is a status symbol and only became available to the average home cook. Having a blender or a toaster is fairly common, but other equipment that are considered extravagant and not necessary to be a cook a good home. Now times have changed, and even the sparsest kitchen has the basic equipment to accommodate home cooking that can be used by all family members. Here are some of the most important for the modern cook.

Stand Mixer

Stand mixer has become an icon of modern cooking technology since our grandmothers’ days. However, not until a few decades later the price dropped and they started to become common wedding gift for a new partner. Standing mixer is a kitchen that really do it all. Of course, the basic mixing tasks is to win for this device. From whipping meringue is perfect for kneading bread dough, the attachment allows various tasks to be achieved. In addition, the expanded modern mixers. With the proper additional equipment, modern cooking can be grated, sliced, grind and even make them stand mixer pasta.


Although this is a tool that even familiar with the grandmother, this blender is still very useful in the modern kitchen. This tool is most often used for things like mixed drinks and smoothies. However, also great for pureeing and making sauces. Blender quite varied in quality, so read the reviews and check the features before buying. Strangely, you do not need to spend much to get a good quality blender. Some of the highest value for the model sold under a hundred bucks.


Almost no modern kitchen without the presence of fast-cooking microwave oven. This tool is largely enhanced in the 1980s, and in the 1990s, they are in almost every kitchen in the country. As a home cook to be more familiar with these tools, cooking equipment and methods developed that allows cooks to use them to maximum potential. In addition, convection microwave oven was introduced, which offers the ability to cook more like a conventional oven, but much faster. However, many homes still cook using a very necessary tool primarily for reheating food, thawing, or simple tasks like popping popcorn.

Food Processor

The last tool found in most homes the kitchen is a food processor. Multi-purpose is multi-tool Tasker from the kitchen crew. Food processors can be used in place of multiple kitchen appliances, including mixers and BLENDER standing. However, each has its own place in the kitchen Roundup. Food processor is the king of shredding, grating, and mixing of denser material. Tasks that will throw the blender does not interfere with the food processor. Some people even have been known to mix bread dough through a food processor, although it might not stand mixer a better job of this task. Reading the manual and experiment with your food processor for best results


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