Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Swedish Architecture

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Swedish architecture firm visiondivisionhas created this amazing project “the Peak Series,” pre-fabricated summer houses that allows a great portion of social life on a relatively small space. While being a comfortable vacation home for a family it can also easily accommodate a large amount of guests thanks to a sleeping mezzanine floor.The house is pyramidal in its shape with a wood façade with a gap between each board allowing climbing.

Divided into three floors, the middle level is the sleeping mezzanine, where a large number of guests can be accommodated. It is sandwiched between the open social first floor with a kitchen and living room, and the upper level which houses the master bedroom with bathroom.

Each guest bed can be reached through a private entrance hatch, that can be accessed from the house’s exterior. The hatches also act as individual fire escapes and provide a nice view of the surrounding landscape from one’s bed. The upper floor has hatches from the bedroom and bathroom. The pre-fabricated summer houses are available in two sizes: 45 m2 and 90 m2.

Each guest bed has a private entrance hatch accessed from the house’s exterior. These hatches apart from being useful during fire emergency also provide a great view of the surrounding landscape. The houses are extremely airy, and are available in two sizes: 45 m2 and 90 m2. Initially available for Scandinavian countries, Vision Division has plans to design adaptable structures for different climes.


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