Monday, August 30, 2010

How to sew a decorative handtowel

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Give basic linen an edge – our modern take on the trimmed handtowel will brighten up your bathroom, and is so quick and easy to make.

There’s nothing nicer than a pile of freshly washed handtowels in the bathroom, especially when you’re hosting guests. These thick linen towels, trimmed with brightly coloured ribbon or lace, are a contemporary alternative to the traditional monogrammed look.

What you will need

  1. 1 x 60cm x 30cm piece of linen per towel;
  2. Dressmakers’ pins;
  3. Sewing machine ;
  4. Thread (white and coloured);
  5. Iron;
  6. 35cm length of ribbon, lace or braid per towel

How to sew the handtowel

Pin and sew a 1.5cm rolled hem around all four sides of the linen to make the towel. Press the hem.
Pin a length of ribbon, braid or rickrack along the bottom, short edge of the towel. Turn the towel over when you get to the end and pin along the reverse side as well.
Use thread in a matching colour to sew the trimming onto the towel, tucking the loose ends of the trim in neatly as you go. Snip the threads and press the towel.

Dyed lace

If you can’t find the trim you want, you can dye 100 per cent cotton lace to your desired shade for a bright, modern trim. Simply follow the instructions on the packet to prepare your lace, then wash, dry and iron before attaching to the towel to prevent colour run staining the linen. Via; Home Life


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